Frank Monteiro to run for second term in Cambridge

frank 2Luso canadian Frank Monteiro is runing for the 2014 municipal elections in Ontario.

The incumbent is from Azores, Portugal, and epresents Ward 7 at Cambridge City Council. Elections will be held on October 27, 2014.

His views on Cambridge and the Portuguese community read his interview in the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha Canada, pages 4 and 5.


New rules: Canadian Citizenship Act

“This new model, along with other initiatives contained in this reform, would make the citizenship program more efficient and help reduce processing times. Obtaining citizenship is currently a three-step process that involves duplication of work: Citizenship officers review the files and prepare them for a citizenship judge, who approves or rejects the application, returns it to the officer, who then grants citizenship on behalf of the Minister or recommends an appeal of the judge’s decision.”
In Portuguese visit:

Remembering Halifax

by Humberta Araújo

“Throughout the Canadian provinces, Portuguese-Canadians have been celebrating for the past year the date that marks the beginning of Portuguese emigration to Canada. On the 8th of May 1953, approximately 70 men – 18 from the Azorean islands — said their emotional goodbyes to the city of Lisbon, to arrive five days later in Halifax. They, the pioneers of a new era, followed the steps of forgotten Portuguese heroes, whose presence in Canadian soil dates back to the XV century. ”–-60-years-of-portuguese-in-canada

Children and Education: the classics

As we look at the future of our children in a world with so many challenges, it is worth a deeper look into the past and how we can learn from the great philosophical minds of the Greeks and romans. interesting the view of Plato.
“The object of education is to turn the eye which the soul already possesses to the light. The whole function of education is not to put knowledge into the soul, but to bring out the best things that are latent in the soul, and to do so by directing it to the right objects. The problem of education, then, is to give it the right surrounding.” -(Plato’s Republic, Book vii, 518)


CITY OF JADE – The Diaspora Chronicles

City of Jade

City of Jade

photo-2A dias do Natal, a cidade de Toronto acordou hoje envolta numa redoma de cristal.Depois de temperaturas mais amenas, a chuva ao solidificar-se nas superfícies frias criou um manto transparente e gélido. Ela envolveu os ramos nus criando formas que fazem lembrar o anis cristalizado nas garrafas de licor, que quando crianças, espreitávamos aguardando o rebuçado que viria depois de consumida a ‘mijinha’ do Menino.

Siga as Crônicas da Diaspora no Asas do Atlantico aos domingos a partir das 22 hotas locais e na Internet, através do Dois Dedos de Musica,

Premier with Ontario’s ethnocultural media

Today, with the premier of Ontario, who attended the traditional Media Reception for ethnic media in a celebration of diversity. I Am Future was there.

Wyne3 Wayne4 Wayne2 “One of Ontario’s greatest strength is its diversity, and it is what makes our province so dynamic and vibrant. A key part of sustaining such a successful multicultural society is having a thriving ethnocultural media sector, in which you should all take pride in playing a vital part.”

Why does one do what he or she does?

old -3329Why does one do what he or she does? What compels one human being to search amongst the grains of sand, a stream that takes him or her to a secret place, where one’s life becomes part of something great in its smallness, grandiose in its humility, awesome in its innocence?
Is it for a smile, for a vision, for an understanding, for a piece of bread, for a medal, for a great moment of inspiration, for a deeper kindness?
She looked and said.
“This is me. This was me when I said goodbye to my brother, who took the big ship to the land of the great unknown. This is me, this is my best friend, this is my brother’s friend. This is who we were. I don’t remember this dress I wore, but I remember the people.”
And she smiled at herself lost in the beauty of that moment of discovery, so unexpected, so alive, as if she was there once more, drinking the sounds and the sights, not truly understanding how that journey across the seas would change forever  that small world she lived in.

Why does one do what he or she does, if not for the subtle moments of unrestrained beauty that strikes in small proportions in the least expected moment?

HALIFAX IN SIGHT – the untold journey!


In May of 1953, eighteen pioneers left the island of S. Miguel, Azores (Portugal) to open the way to thousands of men and women who in the next decades would start the Azorean emigration saga to Canada.
This small group was an experiment “aimed at demonstrating to the Canadian authorities that Azoreans are reliable and hard working people and can adapt to any kind of job,” writes Abel Dinis in a daily Azorean newspaper in 1953.
This experiment resulted in the sanctioning of more emigrants in 1954. Eight hundred men from the island of S. Miguel and more than one hundred from other Azorean islands left the Atlantic to start the Portuguese emigration epic to Canada.
330 males left the island on the 22 of March, and 450 on April 24. They traveled to Halifax on the HOMELAND. 171 men followed on the NEA HELLAS. From this year on, Canada received thousands of Portuguese emigrants who today are scattered throughout the country.
The photographic account of these moments as the men and their families say goodbye in the city of Ponta Delgada is in Toronto, and can be seen at the Azorean House, 1136 College, during its Cultural week (NOV 3rd to the 8th) daily. It is the result of my research into Azorean emigration to Canada. For more info contact:

Humberta Araujo or though Linkedin.

This exhibition has the support of SATA Azores. Book flight to Azores through .